"CW = Contractors Win" Campaign

Created: 04/13/13
Last Edited: 04/22/13
The 2013 advertising campaign for Wheatland Tube's continuous weld standard black pipe
  • The "CW = Contractors Win" campaign for Wheatland Tube, a division of The JMC Steel Group, markets Wheatland's continuous weld standard black pipe to mid level contractors, who were not previously targeted by Wheatland. Wheatland Tube is the only tube manufacturer in the USA that uses the continuous weld process for making standard pipe. They wanted to emphasize this point of differentiation, and highlight the winning properties of the continuous weld process in their 2013 advertising campaign.
    These initial concepts were created in collaboration with a copywriter and creative director, and blocked out by me. These were the three concepts pitched to the client for the standard black pipe campaign. The client chose the CW = Contractors Win concept.
    I designed this mark as a memorable and iconic embodiment of the message driving the CW campaign. Not many contractors would know the difference between a standard pipe created via a continuous weld process or any other process. This mark created a memorable connection between the name of the product and the product's unique qualities.
  • The initial campaign ad featured the CW mark, and directed viewers to an online resource that outlined the benefits of CW pipe.
  • Landing page for CW Fact Sheet
  • Follow up thank you page sent after download of the CW Fact Sheet
  • Skyscraper banner ad leads to CW Fact Sheet
  • Boombox banner ad leads to CW Fact Sheet
    Trade show banner stands and POP signs featuring the CW mark

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