CSU Long Beach: Welcome to the Beach!

    CSULB, aka "The Beach" & home of the 49'ers, is the second largest campus of the California State University System and is recognized as one of "America's Best Valued Colleges." The campus is easily identifiable by it's signature pyramid-landmark- The Walter Pyramid.
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    I designed their student welcome & guidline brochure, partially inspired by the university's minimalist-inspired architecture, in order to achieve a look that conveyed high esteem but was very captivating. Done in entirely two-color, I hoped for potential students who would pick up this brochure to feel that CSULB would be an ideal college to lead them on the road to academic success.
    Each page of the book is a french fold with a flood of the logo's gold color, on the reverse, in order to achieve a "springiness" in contrast to the average, flat brochure. Brochure is perfect-bound.
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