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    Developed initially deloped in late 2007, CSS Type Set was born out of my frustration with a few things. Text sizing using Ems was one of those frustrations. The other was having to constantly upload files to my server in order to see the changes.

    With the help of some friends - one programming, one design - we set about making a tool that would allow a user to manipulate text using familiar tools and have the appropriate CSS code output on the fly.

    The site was featured on Smashing Magazine, Web Design Ledger and a host of other web design focused sites.
  • Initial designs had all the steps broken down which didn't really encourage experimentation, which was the whole goal of the exercise.
  • A revised version decreased the vertical height so that people with smaller browsers would be able to use the tool without scrolling to adjust some of the values.
  • The final version saw the overall height decrease yet again.