Created: 10/11/12
Last Edited: 07/07/14
This is a series of book sculpture I did for a group show that was "Texture" themed.
  • CMYK - Book Sculpture
    Blocks of painted Books, photographes
    and collage, mounted on wood, backed 
    by hand crafted wood boxes.

    This is a series of book sculpture I initially developed for a group show I took part in during the Fall of 2009 in Austin, TX. With an overarching theme to the show, TEXTURE; I developed a series of 5 pieces, entitled CMYK. Each piece involved 3 boxes of book sculpture. Each piece was to be viewed as a progression of layering and texture, whether that be tangible or visual... I built duplicate book sculptures for each piece and took a picture of the second after I had painted on it. I then overlaid color in the computer, and displayed the color print in the third box. They are to be viewed from left to right as a progression of texture and a window into the art process. I'M STILL NOT FINISHED WITH THIS SERIES. I'm painting and adding some finishing textural touches to the 2nd and 3rd pieces of each set. You can check out my progress here or check out my Facebook page for my updated info: CALEB MICHAEL IRWIN

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