CGS (formerly CIGNA Government Services)

Created: 06/22/11
Last Edited: 08/15/13
I am currently a Senior Marketing Communications Coordinator for CGS (formerly CIGNA Government Services). This is a small sample of some of the work I have created, over the past few years.
  • CGS
    formerly CIGNA Government Services
  • In 2011, CIGNA Government Services was purchased by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.  The name was shortened to "CGS."  I have been with the company for over eight years and a Graphic Designer, then a Senior Graphic Designer.  This collection is a sampling of the work I have done over that time. 
  • CGS 2011 rebrand (sole designer on trademark, overall look/brand).
  • Giveaway promotional piece to promote the company's TNCPE certification status.  Brochure is five panels on each side, completed with an accordion fold.
  • Motivational board (installation), located in main elevator lobby of CGS building.
  • 2012 official CGS annual report design.
  • Sampling of the 2010 CIGNA Government Services Annual Report.
  • Mock-up for 2012 annual report design.
  • Sampling of the 2007 CIGNA Government Services Annual Report.
  • "Welcome to Nashville" publication design for visiting Board of Directors.
  • CGS DME MAC Jurisdiction C Insider publication redesigned for 2013.
  • Publication cover sample images.
  • Poster series promoting the launch of a new internal computer program.
  • Motivational calendar design.
  • 2011 company calendar created for employees.  Includes company vision, mission, pay dates, and holidays.
  • CGS Medicaid promotional brochure.
  • CGS publication examples.
  • Environmental design for CGS building in Nashville, TN.
  • Environmental design for CGS building in Nashville, TN.
  • Intro page to myCGS website.
  • CGS Online Education Courses (OECs).
  • Presentation (PPT) intro slide designs.
  • Presentation (PPT) intro slide designs.
  • Promotional poster for all-day March of Dimes event held at CGS.
  • CIGNA HealthCare's (parent company to CIGNA Government Services) 2008 March of Dimes fund-raising campaign t-shirt design.  T-shirts were worn nationwide by CIGNA employees.
  • Fund-raising poster used to promote food donations to Second Harvest Food Bank for 2010 Nashville flood victims.
  • Poster created for Second Harvest food drive.
  • Brochure for MedTrade conference, promoting CIGNA Government Services.  Brochure was designed as a parody.
  • Various logos for company use.
  • Seminar/Conference Series theme logo ideas for a combined education effort.
  • Various logos for company use.
  • Identity for internal computer program.
  • Conference series theme.
  • Company website design.

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