Collaboration for the Nation
  • In the city of Pensacola, the township of Brownsville rests in a grungy spot between the east and west sides. It is known both for its revivalist Christian movements in the 80s and 90s and its subsequent decay into one of the shadier sides of town. Yet, the people there persist and endure.

    I was approached by the inimitable James Amerson here to create the initial piece in a series of beautification projects. I immediately approached an old friend, Guy Stevens, to collaborate with as his photographic work is rooted in the people and lifestyles of Florida, especially the rich textural aspects of our state's culture. The structures and printing were donated by Lamar Outdoor Advertising. Type on the bottom is by Namrata Advani.

    The challenge was to use the photographic elements carefully captured by Guy and inlay them into a bright, progressive message of optimism for a town in need of hope. 
  • All above photos courtesy of  http://www.guystevensphoto.com/