CDW Presidents Achievement Awards Weekend – 2010

  • This 16-page, pocket-sized booklet commissiond by Travel100Group for their client CDW served as the event attendees' lifeline to the events of the incentive trip. It includes pretrip and packing instructions, event and meal times and locations, as well as optional activities, departure arrangements and safety tips.
    The Aspen leaf motif was a required design aspect, text was provided. Page count, color scheme, and other artwork were left to my discretion. I sourced the photographywith the exception of the resort photograph which was graciously provided. 
  • This message on a custom Apen leaf motif notecard was placed in the resort lodging rooms of all participants informing each guest of a special room service treat CDW wished to provide to their valued event guests.
  • This message on a custom Apen leaf motif notecard was included in the welcome packets of all event attendees.
  • This 6-page, 2-color small program was placed on each dinner plate for the awards reception for CDW's top salespersons. The dinner decorations were silver and black, this was designed to coordinate. The Apen leaf motif is repeated as in all event materials. Text was provided.
  • This message on a custom Apen leaf motif notecard was also included in the welcome packets for event attendees and was a secondary source for event schedules.
  • 24"x36" Sign
    This sign is part of a signage system identifying CDW events. This particular sign reading "CDW Event" has a repositional arrow to lead participants to the proper part of the lodge and could be reset for each event no matter the loacation. Other signs of similar design exist utilizing the same format with textual information only.