CASE STUDY: Temple Judea

  • Upon the occasion of the development of their new facility, we were honored to be invited to work with the Temple in the clarification of their visual identity, and the creation of a comprehensive and uniform communication program. The new program is now communicated and expressed through all print, web and environmental media.
  • Schematic Design
    While the Temple had historically used a stylized flame as a primary identity element, this identity study gave us the opportunity to explore how other important aspects of the Temple could be used in their identity. The study was broad,  as we strove to consider many of the Temple’s qualities and characteristics.
  • Various Trademark Studies
  • Original Trademark
  • Identity Concept: Community
  • Identity Concept: Community through dot structure letterforms
  • Identity Concept: Flexible Type
  • Identity Concept: Seal
  • Identity Concept: Nomenclature
  • Identity Concept: Script
  • Identity Concept: Weaving
  • Schematic Design: Flame Design
    The other principal area of investigation was the reexamination of the flame form. We explored many ideas of flames, including single and multiple flame designs. We began at this point to look at relationships between the flame and the Temple’s name.
  • Flame Studies
  • Flame Studies with Sabon Type
  • Alternate Typeface
  • Final Design
    After many studies, the working group came to this final design, in which the word ‘Judea’ is given prominence, and the flame form is positioned to suggest that it grows from the curved base of the ‘J’ of Judea. This phase also included the development of the other identity elements, including a color palette, type families, layout guidelines and other miscellaneous graphic elements.
  • Black on White
  • Color Palette
  • Color Application
  • Typestyles
  • Additional uses of Flame Trademark
  • Construction Drawings
  • Two Color on White
  • Print Applications
    This phase focused principally on establishing  a communication system that articulated the three 
    principal components of the Temple: Community, Religion and Education. In addition to color coding, the individual print assignments were created with formats specific to each portion of the Temple’s activities.
  • Education Program Marketing Brochures
  • Temple Opening Invitation
  • Environmental Applications
    Our initial assignment in the environmental area was a series of large scale street banners to announce the opening of the new campus and facility.
  • Banners  - Type Only Concepts
  • Additional Concepts
  • Additional Concepts
  • Final Banners