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    Website Design 
  • For C&R Mechanical's website, I wanted to show the importance of contractors and engineers. Mathematical instruments were my inspiration. I wanted to use rulers and charts as metaphors for the precision and results C&R offers it's clients. For the navigation i used a ruler with an interactive sliding guide and drop-down menu. To showcase the industries C&R serves, I designed a semi-circle pie chart that reacts based upon user interaction. The pie chart is meant to represent that each industry is given the same amount of importance.
     Rockwell was used as a headline typeface due to it's slab serif's, meant to reference the solid construction techniques C&R employs. A blue monochromatic color scheme retains C&R's current branding as well as to signify trust and confidence.
    C&R Mechanical Company designs and installs HVAC and process mechanical systems for commercial, industrial, and healthcare clients. They provide preventive maintenance, emergency and replacement services as well as round and rectangular sheet metal product and pipe pre-fabrication services.