Buy a Race Horse a Better Life

  • Buy a Racehorse a Better Life
    An integrated campaign for PETA
  • This campaign aims to raise awareness about the racehorse industry by encouraging people to care more about how these athletes are treated.  Although the races themselves are damaging to the horses, the sport is ingrained in American culture.  We decided it would be more effective to focus on helping horses that are not fit to race or retired.  Our website allows you to browse through the horses who no longer can race, choose one you connect with, and donate to that horses safe retirement.  Once you have donated you receive a thank you ribbon in the mail that acknowledges your good deed and reminds you to continue to fund safe retirement. 

    The look of the campaign is inspired by the Kentucky Derby traditions.  We took the campaign in more positive direction than PETA's usual direction because we felt it would draw more people to the cause instead of turning them off with horrific imagery and celebrity endorsements.
    Emma Hoaglund (copywriter), Jean Marple (interactive design), Andi Stowe (art director), Jess Meyer (project manager), Stacey Shaller (graphic designer)

  • Receive a ribbon in the mail to acknowledge your contribution and remember your horse by.