What is Burning Man? Well, most people who have experienced it would have trouble explaining what exactly it is, as it's something that has to be truly experienced. In simplest terms, Burning Man is a week-long annual event that is held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. It is possible to describe Burning Man as a festival of sorts - but most have said it is an experiment in community, art, radical self-expression, and self reliance.
    On an average of almost 50,000 attendees, these people are challenged to live off their own resources, all the while enjoying and showcasing the different art forms and installations spread throughout the event. On the last day of the even, a huge wood effegy dubbed, "The Man," is symbolically burned and followed by celebration. There's is much more to Burning Man, and to really understand it, you must see it for yourself.
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    Because Burning Man is held in the middle of a desert, it's only natural the incomers would need certain supplies to survive the difficult climate. The bandana is usually the optimum item to have on hand to combat heavy sands and dirt you would encounter, so why not make it a neat souvernir?
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