Bumble Bee Slim

Created: 10/15/12
Last Edited: 02/08/13
Sustainable Branding Project
  • Bumble Bee Slim
  • ¬†Sustainable Branding Project
  • ¬† Bumble Bee Slim a.k.a Amos Easton, was a 1950's blues musician that recorded over 150 songs in his career. Now personify everything about him, his music and his lifestyle and make it into a sustainable concept that would fit a dine-in / mobile BBQ restaurant. I was to create a Dine-In, Mobile locations, Website, App, Wearables and anything else I could think of. I know it looks like I have a lot, but I actually have more that I didn't want to upload so you weren't scrolling for minutes.¬†

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