Bruce Luchsinger

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Created: 04/14/13
Last Edited: 04/14/13
A website to showcase author and screen writer Bruce Luchsinger's works.
  • Bruce Luchsinger
    A writer's website

  • Bruce Luchsinger is an author and a screen writer. He was looking for a website that is clean, modern and be able to showcase his works. This website uses some neutral colors that are inviting and also accentuate the colors of the book covers. It provides a flexible layout that is easily adapted to Mr. Luchsinger's future works. It also provides the first two chapters of his books and the links to purchase the hard copy or digital copy of these books.
  • Home page
  • Biography page
  • Book details page, Cars & Stars
  • Sample readings page, Cars & Stars Chapter 1
  • Contact page

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