Brown Pelicans in Ice Age

Created: 05/23/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
I wrote and designed a book that is based on my study of evolution of Brown Pelicans based on the aforesaid condition. Its written in a story form to explain the evolution in a simplified language and to create an interest in the topic.
  • Brown Pelicans In Ice Age
  • Goal: To research, write and design a book based on the evolution of Brown Pelicans in the impending ice age (assumption)

    Audience: Children, age group 8-10 years

    Medium: Print

    This project focuses on research and visualization skills. I did a detailed study of the anatomy of Brown Pelican and began to visualize and sketch its stages of evolution (physical aspects) assuming that there will be an ice age in future. I wrote and designed a book that is based on this study in a story form to create an interest in the topic for the target audience.
  • Study of evolution stages of Brown Pelican:

    If there will be an ice age 10 lakh (1 million) years from now, the present day Brown Pelicans will be known as Dark Pelicanoes because of the following changes that will take place in them to adapt to the new surroundings. Due to decrease in the temperature, there will be hair growth on the pouch and tail for heat retention. With every stage of evolution, the feather growth on the neck will increase, the limbs and feet will grow bigger. To keep them warmer, short scale feathers will surface and the flight (primary) feathers will shed off. As a result of this, the Dark Pelicanoes will not be able to fly since their wings will be turned onto flippers. And the heat energy used for flying can be instead used to keep their bodies warm. Sharper beaks and quick feet will serve as a defense to save them from predators in ice age.

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