Brothers Market branding

Created: 09/18/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Branding for a new family owned grocery store in Parkersburg and Cascade Iowa.
Project Info
ankeny builders, inc., Pearson Photographic
  • Brothers Market
  • In 2008 a tornado ripped through Parkersburg, Iowa, destroying part of the town, along with it the only grocery store. Soon after three brothers and a family friend decided to rebuild a new one from ground up. They hired Ankeny Builders to take on the task. I came into the picture to create a completely new brand and aesthetic for the store, including a logo, signage for the interior and exterior, color palette development for paint and graphics for printed pieces such as business cards, postcards, t-shirts, and advertisements. I helped with exterior stone veneer, metal and paint selections, and interior flooring and lighting with the aid of my brother, co-owner of Ankeny Builders. We wanted to make the store warm and inviting to reflect the family theme, so I incorporated warmth in the colors and the typefaces. Specialty lighting and wood flooring in the produce section reinforced this aesthetic. I'm proud to have been a part of the rebuilding of a community, and enjoyed working on a project with my own family. 
  • photo by Pearson Photographic
  • photo by Pearson Photographic
  • photo by Pearson Photographic

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