Brooklyn Day

Created: 11/28/12
Last Edited: 08/20/13
Brooklyn Day recently graduated from BYU, obtaining a BFA in Studio Arts. She asked if I would help create her brand in time to unveil it at her BFA show, "To See Through a Fearless Eye."

The business card was designed with Brooklyn's personality, style and love for collaboration in mind. The front was hand–signed and issue–numbered (up to 300) by Brooklyn, herself. The back was stamped, sewn and signed by different collaborators, as well. Both business cards and announcements were printed on natural–colored paper that helped set the tone for Brooklyn's earthy, back–to–basics exhibition.

I also designed a small series of alternate marks for Brooklyn to use on future websites, stickers or other self-promotion pieces.
  • A commissioned project for my friend's BFA show and ecommerce website.

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