Bronte Country Vintage Travel Poster

  • Bronte Country Vintage Travel Poster
    For those who wander desolate moors howling their lover's name into the wind
  • I have always adored vintage travel posters. I just can not get enough of them. When I was assigned the task of creating one of my own I was giddy with glee. It was one of my first big projects and my first big foray into Illustrator, so there are things that I think might need updating, mainly my type skills, but I still love it so. I wanted to do something in England right away, Anglophiles can't help themselves. Then I thought it would be fun to do the north of England, mainly, Bronte Country. I came up with a little catch phrase, made a Charlotte Bronte logo and set to work on the rest.

    The rest was wide sweeping moors of heather, that, after I did them, just didn't seem enough. So I decided to break up the left of the wide expanse with inset imagery. The first of Anne and Emily Bronte, followed by their home, which is now the Bronte Parsonage Museum. Finally I added a Linnet, because Emily wrote a very famous poem about a Linnet. I added a few little annotations on the bottom and called it a day. I love it when projects just take me over and they're all I want to work on.
  • The finished poster, which, if you will notice, is 'endorsed' by Acton, Currer and Ellis Bell... the pseudonyms of Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte.
  • The Bronte Country logo I created featuring Charlotte.
  • Emily and Anne, from a surviving drawing of the two.
  • A drawing of their home from the time period in which they would have lived in it.
  • The linnet.