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    logo + business cards + web site
  • The Broadmoor Market is a locally owned and operated grocery store in Omaha, NE. The store has been in business since 1955 and recently changed owners. The store underwent a remodel and a new logo/identity was needed. The clientele of the Broadmoor is very mixed but leans towards the older neighborhood residents. One of the goals of the re-branding was to bring the identity up-to-date to attract younger customers.

    The business cards were printed on a recycled stock to represent the warm feeling of the store. There are three versions of the cards: one that is personalized, one that serves the store as a whole, and one that is used as a tag.

    The web site was designed for expansion and growth. As the store evolves from the simple "neighborhood grocery store" to a business that utilizes modern technology - the site will evolve as well.

    Ferd's Bake Shop was acquired by Broadmoor Market and is located within the grocery store. The logo was also created by anxious frank design with the web site being woven into the Broadmoor's site.
    The Broadmoor has since closed.
  • Personalized business cards for the store director and store manager. To add a personalized touch to each card actual signatures were added.
  • General store business cards.
  • Cards that are used as tags to identify the contents of the gourmet box lunches and gift baskets. These are labeled with labels or written out by hand.