BrixX - the non-gravitational Tetris

  • BrixX - the non-gravitational Tetris
    A flash game revising a video game classic
  • BrixX is a Flash game that was developed as the final solo project for the class ProgramaciĆ³n de Videojuegos (video game programming) at the Universidade de Vigo, Spain. It is a variation to the popular game Tetris, with several changes to the original game concept. In this version, the puzzle pieces are not dropping from the bottom, but can be moved freely before the timer runs out. The goal of the game is to complete not only rows, but also columns. Each completed row or column will move the corner pieces towards the middle. The game is won when the 4 corner pieces come together in the middle.
    The interface design was done entirely in Adobe Photoshop. It consists of screens for the instructions and the actual gameplay, as well as the design for the individual puzzle piece elements. The game was then programmed in Adobe Flash using Action Script 2. All puzzle pieces are generated dynamically via code, and the selection of which piece is to be displayed next is randomized.
    Design and Action Script programming were done by myself.

  • The game instructions
  • The game's pause screen
  • The actual game interface
  • The game's screen design mid-game. the black corner stones will move toward the middle with each row or column that is completed.