Branding Project: Summerfest Concerts, KC

  • Summerfest Concerts, INC.
    My first branding project.
  • For the project, we were to develop a mark, identity and identity system for Summerfest Concerts, INC. , a Kansas City-based chamber music group. The goal is to design an identity that will reflect the attributes and purpose of this organization as it relates to its audience(s) and needs.
    Summerfest really wanted to broaden their current audience, while displaying a new, fresh, and fun look that would capture the attention of a new audience, while still maintaining their current audience. Because Summerfest had not had a true brand or identity, anything and everything was up for consideration. This project was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the process, from the initial sketches to the final deliverables.

    The final deliverables include: a final logo and variations of it, a letterhead, a notecard, an envelope, two business cards: one general, and one personal, and a website. In addition to the full identity system, "wild cards" were created, which were essentially any extra deliverables we wanted to present to Summerfest. I chose a poster series which could be used as posters, or on lightpoles and bus stands. I also created a postcard that could be mailed to inform the community of outreach opportunities and of Summerfest events. Finally, I created a program that could be handed out at events. Since the company is on a budget, the same program is used at each event.
  • final logo and variations
  • letterhead, front and back
  • notecard, front and back with variations
  • back of envelope
  • general business card, front and back
  • personal business card, front and back
  • website homepage
  • poster 01 of series: outreach
  • poster 02 of series: event advertisement
  • poster 03 of series: donations
  • sign for lightpoles
  • sign for bus stand
  • postcard, front
  • postcard, back
  • program / donation booklet
  • program / donation booklet
  • program / donation booklet
  • program / donation booklet