Hosung: Branding System | Package Design

  • Hosung:  Unified branding system and package design for Paw Pals. Transformed separate interactive toys into cohesive product line that was picked up by large retailers, such as Toys“R”Us and FAO Schwarz. The line was then expanded to 30+ products, and sales increased 100% with over 5 million products sold in the first year.

    Shown are SKU-specific and common area background patterns, product packaging, mechanical, and sample in-store end-cap display photo.
  • SKU-specific pattern for Hush Little Monkey packaging background.
  • Hush Little Monkey product packaging.
  • Hush Little Monkey packaging mechanical.
  • Sample in-store end-cap display.
  • Paw Pals branded pattern for common area packaging background.
  • My Curious Puppy product packaging.
  • Chattering Chico product packaging.
  • Tertiary pattern for common area packaging background.