Hosung: Branding System | Package Design

  • Paw Pals

    Developing a cohesive visual identity system.

    When Hosung first approached us, they had a variety of great Paw Pals products. The toys were fun and unique, and I could easily see children everywhere wanting to play with them. But each package looked completely different. There was nothing communicating that these toys belonged together. And therefore, Hosung was unable to convince any US toy stores to carry the line. Unable to bring them to market, the toys literally sat on warehouse shelves.

    I then created a unified branding system and package design for Paw Pals. After devising a distinct visual language that included typographic treatments, color palette, and background artwork that was half common-area and half product-specific patterns and graphics, I was able to transform these seemingly separate interactive toys into a cohesive product line that was then picked up by large retailers, such as Toys“R”Us and FAO Schwarz. The line was then expanded to 30+ products, and sales increased 100% with over 5 million products sold in the first year.

    The biggest reward was stepping into toy stores and seeing huge Paw Pals displays prominently featured, just in time for the holiday season.

    Branding System  |  Visual Language  |  Mechanical  |  Package Design

    Shown are SKU-specific and common area background patterns, product packaging, mechanical, and sample in-store end-cap display. Shown at top is the SKU-specific pattern for Hush Little Monkey.

  • Hush Little Monkey product packaging.

  • Hush Little Monkey packaging mechanical.

  • Sample in-store end-cap display.

  • Paw Pals branded pattern for common area packaging background.

  • My Curious Puppy product packaging.

  • Chattering Chico product packaging.

  • Tertiary pattern for common area packaging background.