Chevron: Branding | Style Guide Art | Package Design

  • Chevron Corporation 

    Producing Energy Responsibly.

    Chevron was determined to create a community where the gas and oil industry could coexist with the environment. They launched robust scientific research programs to understand and manage biodiversity. Most notable was their efforts on Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia, and special attention to protecting the Flatback Turtle population. 

    After researching many of their initiatives, I devised the green branding system and product/packaging adaptation for Chevron’s style guide. Largely a typographic solution, the text, color palette, and organic detail supported the company's efforts at environmentalism and specific animal protection programs, including the Flatback Turtle.

    Brand Identity  |  Style Guide  |  Package & Product Design

    Shown are branded artwork and sample products for Chevron's style guide, including border, pattern, and graphic icon treatments for product and advertising usage.
  • Background artwork for product and advertising usage.

  • Brand style guide.

  • Environmentally safe car-care products.

  • Smart-phone branded app.

  • Solar flyer toy.

  • Border, pattern, and graphic icon treatment.