Braemar Energy Ventures Website

  • Our clients challenge:
    Venture capital firm Braemar Energy Ventures, a leader in the energy technology sector, sought a new look and feel for its website. Braemar wanted to reflect its standing as a bold, well-established backer of innovative ventures. The firm wanted to highlight its successes with a website that would be more visually and contextually compelling than those of its competitors.

    The Scott Design solution:
    From the projects onset, Scott Designs creative team focused on producing an uncluttered website with a high-tech look and feel that engages visitors without burdening them with industry clich├ęs. From a technical standpoint, Scott Design focused on providing easy navigation with clear paths for the different audiences. Working closely with Braemar representatives, the website took shape as one with an energetic, upbeat feel of a modern company in a conservative industry. In only a click or two, visitors could get the answers they seek.