Braden Moran Photography

Created: 03/01/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
Developed Braden's brand identity, logo, business card and promotional materials.

Braden Moran is a Photographer working in Chicago and Los Angeles. An actor himself, Braden's mission is to be an "Actors Photographer" and collaborate with his clients/acting peers to capture their unique story.

The images on the postcard were cropped to create a visually intriguing view of the featured actor and add to Braden’s mission to capture an individual’s unique story. The logo was developed using a personalized handwritten font in conjunction with a classic serif. The handwritten font was crafted to resemble a signature type look giving Braden’s brand a personalized appeal. The serif type adds a professional tone and balances the Braden Moran signature. The enlarged ‘B’ in the background gives the brand added importance and a boldness to it’s personality. It represents that the Braden aspect of the business is what makes his work special.
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  • client. Braden Moran Photography 

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