Boy Gets Girl

Created: 03/04/11
Last Edited: 11/19/12
This play is about a career-driven woman whose life is interrupted by a recent "admirer." This was a unique play performed at DPAC (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center) because it was meant to spark discussion on violence and identity.

There are many ways to visually approach this design problem. However, I decided to present the play as if it were seen through personal ads. While there is controversy regarding this play, it does do a great job at blurring the lines between healthy romantic interest and obsession. I wanted to use personal ads as a means of showing variations in the way men could approach women.

To accompany the program, I designed an insert with campus, local, and national resources for victims of sexual assault. The play has the potential to raise memories within victims and DPAC wanted to be sensitive to their needs.
  • Boy Gets Girl
    By Rebecca Gilman
  • "Boy Gets Girl" is a play written by Rebecca Gilman. It was produced at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at the University of Notre Dame in the Fall of 2010.

    I also made table tents and a program, but these will be added shortly.

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