"Born Free" Album Single

  • "Born Free" Album Single
    Typographic aggression for an audio assault
  • What I love about the music artist M.I.A is her ability to be upbeat and celebratory one moment, and in the next breath be deeply political and abrasive. Working from this juxtaposition, I reinterpreted the album cover for "Born Free", theirĀ  single off the album /\/\ /\ Y /\ (read, MAYA), by combining confrontational typography and a warm color palette.

    I created the main type treatment by simply printing the text I needed, and got rough with it. I transformed the plain printed text by photocopying, ripping, tearing, sticking, unsticking, cutting, reassembling, and scanning it to obtain the lo-fi character that is seen in the final piece.
  • The initial printed text.
  • One pass through a photocopier with a twist.
  • Ripping, sticking, unsticking, and re-sticking.
  • Cut into strips, shifted and re-assembled.
  • Re-assembly detail.
  • Final piece that was scanned.