Book Worm Angels

  • Book Worm Angels
  •  This projects features a series of three printed pieces for a small Chicago non-profit who works with schools with students averaging below grade reading levels. Volunteers hold books drives in their communities to collect books, which BWA then brings to schools to set up consequence-free lending libraries.
  • Front and back of a flyer encouraging donations. Since it is volunteers who host book drives, there needed to be a level of at-home customization available. The back of the flyer leaves room for place, time, and dates to be written in.
  • A poster for hanging in schools or other locations of book drives. The provided poster would have a blank book area where, again, the host could customize their posters.
  • A flyer which could be sent out to principals of candidate schools, students at school with the program, or available for promotion of the organization at various events.
  •  The worm and apple characters are original artwork created by the designer.