Book Jackets

Created: 03/26/13
Last Edited: 03/26/13
Illustrated book jackets for Dracula, Fahrenheit 451, and Tales of Madness.
  • This cover features custom typography that was created by manipulating photography of fire. The numbers are contrasted by a blocky typeface and a dark texture that reflects the mood of Ray Bradbury's classic dystopian novel.
  • For "Dracula" I wanted to create a cover that reflected the mystery of the tale and the elegance of the Victorian era. The title was created specifically for this piece; the subordinate text is customized Trajan Pro.
  • Tales of Madness is a collection of stories and poems by Edgar Allen Poe. This project began with a photo shoot, I chose  fire as my metaphor for madness; the photo shoot involved creating aged and worn parchment that I printed the titles on and that were then carefully burned. A skull and blood add additional macabre to the final jacket.

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