Book Design, TakingIn

Created: 01/12/11
Last Edited: 11/28/12
TakingIn was designed for as the catalog for the juried exhibition 'TakingIn, the Best of AIB Photography'
  • TakingIn
    Book Design
  • It seems everything we design must catch eyes in nanoseconds, make sense to strangers and save the world. No wonder egocentric designers use beautiful form to express clever and easy truths. Deliberate design pursues another truth, through collaboration. I worked with photographers, printmakers, vendors, printers, patrons and random talent to design “Taking In.” Working together we obtained student work, funding, a jury, a gallery, a show, this catalog and a book release party. Ideas from our collective mind made our conversation about art into this book.
  •                        This project was featured in AIGA Boston Presents: The Best of the Student Design Community 2010

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