Bonnie Plants - Walmart Brochure and POP

Created: 03/24/13
Last Edited: 03/25/13
Brochure done for Bonnie Plants and Walmart in the Summer of 2012. It can be found in the herb section of Walmarts all across the country. The front is English and the customer can flip it over and read the Spanish side. This was done while I was an employee of Ellis-Harper Advertising.
  • Cover
  • The English and Spanish Covers. The reader can access the Spanish side by simply flipping the brochure upside down.
  • The English inside spread
  • Spanish inside spread. I learned the hard way that Spanish tends to be longer than English so I had to modify sizes to fit.
  • You can currently find this brochure in the herb section at Walmarts all over the country. It is FREE so feel free to take four. 
  • A POP  for Walmart advertising Bonnie mobile, where you can find helpful tips about gardening and recipes.

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