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Created: 02/14/11
Last Edited: 05/23/13
Brand identity development and self-promotional graphic design through my work as a freelancer through Bonhomie Creative
  • Bonhomie Creative
    self-promotional brand identity development and promotional e-blasts
  • Most designers, I'd wager, find working for themselves to present the most frustrating designer-client relationship. It seems we're most challenged defining ourselves when we're so used to creating brands for our clients. That said, when I set out to concept the identity for my own work, the word I continually circled back to was bonhomie, an English word of French origin that simply means good-natured and friendly. That, I think, succinctly and eloquently wraps up my overall persona. I strive to serve my clients in as simple and carefree a nature as possible, with a smile and ultimate satisfaction on the part of the client.
  • My friends and family, including those of the four-legged variety, are my world. Beyond the word bonhomie helping to define me and my work, my basset hound Sebastian is a constant companion. No other icon beside his smiling mug wearing my glasses could better fit my easy-going profile!
  • I also am a firm believer that we should individually give back to society however we can. I've made it my mission to help support the work of various non-profits, either financially or through in-kind designwork. To that end, Bonhomie Creative is temporarily re-branded in October of each year as part of my support for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Additionally, Bonhomie Creative supports House of Puddles senior basset hound rescue, Habitat for Humanity, North Carolina Children's Hospital, and Save the Manatee Club.

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