Body + Voice

Created: 05/12/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
A poster and accompanying material created for a competition for the SDSU School of Music and Dance.
  • SDSU School of Music and Dance Concert Poster
  • This poster was created as part of a competition to create a poster that was to be used to promote a performance for the SDSU School of Music and Dance. The School of Music and Dance wanted weather incorporated, as that was the main theme of their main piece they were performing. The poster design incorporates strong geometrical illustrations, accompanied by words that mimic the shape and movement of rain. The break of the umbrella creates a space for the more utilitarian fact sharing type to rest, beneath the torrent of words. The title of the poster is a sans-serif made of shapes, reflecting the shapes of the illustration, while the rest of the type is a complementing sans-serif. The outside of the poster is grey, a gloomy exterior hiding a bright and energetic interior, reflecting the opposite of the illustration. It was a close call but was ultimately beaten out as a main feature by another poster, although it was still displayed within the music hall during the performance.
  • The type I created for the Body + Voice logo was created using Franklin Gothic Heavy. Franklin Gothic is a very basic well-formed sans serif, which was helpful in creating a typeface that was shape based. The geometric forms of the characters reflect the basic shapes of the illustrations. The supporting text on the printed materials is also Franklin Gothic, to support and balance with the concert logo.
  • Ticket layouts. The orange layout is used for student admission, while the purple layout is used for general admission.
  • LEFT: This is the front of the postcard for the concert. The poster layout has been changed to a horizontal layout, and the logo has been made more prominent to stand out in the context of a postcard. RIGHT: The back of the postcard, it uses the sun theme to differentiate the front from the back. The right side is left blank for the addressee, while the information text lives within the frame of the window.
  • The final poster, using the rain motif as its main image. It’s a monochromatic image, and uses tints and tones of pantone 2622c.