Body : Part

Created: 10/04/12
Last Edited: 10/29/13
Body : Part is a collage piece created with numerous mechanical diagrams. The description of the piece is below:

The aptitude human beings possess for engineering, constructing and repairing machinery, such as televisions and airplanes, is immense. Yet, the enigmatic challenge present within engineering, constructing and repairing our own bodies is perhaps equally as immense. Body: Part visually examines this irony with collages representing ten human organs. Each organ is constructed from mechanical diagrams in which the function of the machinery in the diagrams is analogous to the function of the organ (the heart consists of engine diagrams; the reproductive organs copy machines). The aberrant silhouettes of the organs represent science’s imperfect attempts at mimicking biological formation, while the muted, corporeal colors of the paper are juxtaposed by a slight mechanical sheen. Body : Part will perhaps encourage its viewer to ponder the human race’s at times tenuous grasp of its own architecture.

Body : Part was displayed at Next Gallery in Denver, CO and prints are available for purchase.

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