Bodie Ghost Town

Created: 10/08/11
Last Edited: 06/04/14
In 1875, the boom town of Bodie, California was born after the Bunker Hill mine, which was located on the west side of Bodie Bluff, collapsed exposing a bonanza of gold. People from all over and every description poured into Bodie, each hoping to find their own Eureka! The town quickly took on a air of frontier violence. This reputation rivaled towns such as Tombstone, Dodge City and Deadwood. The Phrase “Badman From Bodie” described the towns rambunctious inhabitants.
This book of photos, taken over a period of ten years by Edward Clark, is a collection of images in all four seasons at the Ghost Town of Bodie. The work exhibited was taken with the intent of capturing a feeling of how it was back then and to focus attention on the arrested decay of today. Picturia Press worked with Ed Clark to create a cohesive design to this book, including using antique fonts and page decorations to enhance the book’s Wild West feel.
  • Bodie Ghost Town

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