Bobby Blue's Ramblin' Food Co.

Created: 02/09/13
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Branding of the restaurant Bobby Blue's Ramblin' Food Co.
  • Bobby “Blue“ Bland
    Birth name: Robert Calvin Bland
    Alias: Bobby “Blue“ Bland, “The Lion of the Blues”
    Born: January 27, 1930 (age 82) – Rosemark, Tennessee, United States

    Bobby Bland earned his enduring blues superstar status the hard way: without a guitar, harmonica, or any other instrument to fall back upon. All Bland had to offer was his magnificent voice, a tremendously powerful instrument in his early heyday, injected with charisma and melisma to spare. Just ask his legion of female fans, who deemed him a sex symbol late into his career.

    In 1981 Bobby Bland was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, in 1992 the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997.

    Bobby Blue’s Ramblin’ Food Company
    Bobby Blue’s Ramblin’ Food Company is based in Nashville, TN. It is a growing chain, which serves southern cuisine. It consists of four mobile and one “classic” stationary restaurant. The different trucks specialize in different aspects of the southern kitchen, and are thereby free to explore, be inventive and expand on their niche – rather than having the four food trucks all serve the same things.

    The restaurant has branded itself with the image of blues-legend Bobby Blue Bland – who was born and raised in Tennessee.
  • Food Trucks
    The shape of the food trucks are inspired by the classic, American Airstream Trailer. There are also details, such as the ridges below the window, that have been borrowed from the 1948 Silverside Greyhound Bus — a popular subject in many old blues songs. The paint job consists of vinyl stickers, showing hints of the food that that particular food truck serves.
  • Employee Uniform and Note Pad
    In the restaurant there are chefs (left) and waiters (right). Notepad for waiters to take orders on.
  • Restaurant
    The restaurant features an open kitchen, creating a bright and airy atmosphere for customers, as well as staff.
  • Food Packaging
    1. “Walkin’, Talkin’ and Drinkin’ the Blues“,
    2. “Woke up this morning with a hot cup of joe“,
    3. “Ain’t doin’ too bad now, are you?“
    4. “You never know what you got, until it’s all gone“,
  • Merchandise
    A couple of example for merchandising, including refrigerator magnets, poster, t-shirt, matchbox and coasters.
  • “Woke up this morning with chicken on my mind“
    Billboard promoting all Bobby Blue’s Ramblin’ Food Co.-trucks and restaurants.
  • Posters
    Bus stop advertisements, promoting the Bobby Blue’s Ramblin’ Food Co., and its food trucks.

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