Blue Ridge Country Media Kit

Created: 07/25/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
A media kit template I created for Blue Ridge Country while working at Leisure Publishing. I was told to appeal to a younger audience (25-35) even though the audience of BRC is older (55-65) because I am selling to the advertiser, not the audience. I used infographics and illustrations to make it simple and appealing.
  • Blue Ridge Country Media Kit
    Template for Leisure Publishing
  • While interning at Leisure Publishing in Roanoke, VA, I was asked to design a media kit for Blue Ridge Country magazine to use for communication with potential and current advertisers. Due to the brevity of my internship, I was not able to wait to obtain the official statistics from the questionnaire, so I created this mock-up to make it easier to plug in facts at a later time.

    I used InDesign CS6 and comp photos from istock that will be purchased if Leisure Publishing decides to use them.

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