• Blindness
    Four poster series, two magazine spreads, two HTML eblasts
  • My objective, while working with the Better Vision Institute, was to produce engaging designs, creating awareness about the importance of regular eye exams. The target audience age is 50+ of all social classes, both male and female, of any education, located in the US. The posters will be mailed to the Better Vision Institute‚Äôs eye care professional members to use in their office and speaking events at schools or health fair. The poster designs are also made available as an emailed PDF for people to use and print on a case-by-case basis. The project was to create four posters and two full spread magazine page advertisement that will be promoting Better Vision Institute's PSA awareness campaign with a focus on adult vision care. My design focus is on a consumer outreach effort to make adults more aware that good vision is an integral part of their overall good health. Overall, I wanted the tone to use humor in a sensitive, responsible manner.