Blank Resolution

  • Blank Resolution is an app that
    helps us adopt new habbits and goals using the following criteria:
    1. Creating smarter and more realistic goals/resolutions.
    2. Motivating users. 
    3. Providing a tracking system.

  • Two users pair up ➡ they set up S.M.A.R.T goals ➡
    they approve each others goals➡ and start setting up monthly 
    milestones to achieve this goal➡ montly bets are then
    placed challenging the other userbut also motivating them to keep
    up with their milestone so that they don't lose the bet

  • When placing the bet, the user have the option to customize and type in
    their own bet or choose one that's suggested by the app. The suggested
    bets are generated with the idea of doing good. Benefiting others
    and the environmentsurrounding the two users.

  • The app will not proceed
    until the user who has won confirms
    the fullfilment of the bet by the losing user.