Black and White 35mm Photography

Created: 03/25/10
Last Edited: 11/17/12
Black & White 35mm.
  • These were portraits captured during my Photography I class. I shot & developed the photos, as well as conceptualized, executed and directed my own photo shoots.

  • This photo is the only one of the bunch that is a COMPLETELY digital photograph.

    The rest of them were originally b/w 35 mm that were scanned into the computer and edit in Photoshop CS4 Extended.

    4. 17. 2010 (the above/last photo) will be featured in Sweetwater Center for the Arts' (Sewickley, PA) "Standing Out From The Crowd" Photography Exhibition in June 2010. The Exhibition is Juried by Slyvia Elher, Education Coordinator of the Silver Eye Center for Photography in Pittsburgh, PA.

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