Black Mountain Systems

    Black Mountain Systems
    Corporate Website & Portal Design
  • This is by far my most in depth and challenging project I've ever done and therefore am excited to share it. Black Mountain Systems was a client at Jacob Tyler who creates very complex customized software for clients in the financial sector. In addition to creating a look for their brand, I was faced with making the complicated information easy to understand.

    For the corporate website, I was challenged to create a simple way for users to dig into the content of the site. I accomplished this by creating an interactive experience with dropdowns on the homepage that allows them to easily find the content they are seeking. By showing screenshots with notes about features in the bottom half of the website gives users a quick visual of what the company does. The full image background gives them a very bold and modern look; the image is abstract but recongnizable plays off of the company's tagline 'Clarity from Every Angle'. Please note that the images below reflect the initial design before it was programmed.
  • Customer Portal was designed as a modular browser site, using the styles established for their homepage.
  • A version of the customer portal was created for the iPad, in both portrai and landscape view.
  • Some of the same design styles that were used on the homepage were reflected in the portal UI.