• "Black Beauty"
    (IZOD Indy Car Concept Graphics)
  • Recently a client of ours presented us with a special project, car graphics. But not just any old car, this vehicle has a 650 hp engine, is constructed from carbon fiber and kevlar composites and utilizes one of the most successful race chassis' on the market today - Dallara. This is the pinnacle of race cars.

    As with any project we take on, research, research, research. We wanted to know exactly what we're working with from the start. Instead of just laying out the design on a flat template we decided to present our design on a 3D model of the IZOD Indy car. Working in 3D has the advantage of trying many different design options and getting an accurate representation of the finished look for the client to approve. Since the Dallara chassis has many curves and contours it was vital to have every graphic/sponsor in the correct position.

    The conceptual design was a hit with client and we are now ready to complete the print ready version. The car was initially slated for a 2011 race, but we might have to wait until 2012 to see it at the track.
  • Laying out and positioning of graphical elements on the UVW Map.
    Getting things just right is a bit tricky...

  • Poster comps for client review. Always better to present your ideas with something tangible even if it's just a good print out.
  • Initial design renderings of the "BlueSteel" color scheme. More corporate, but still says cool...
  • "Black Beauty" concept. Simple, Bold, and Sexy. Lets get out there and win!
  • Last year's design on a different race chassis.