Bittersweet Zine Fall 2012 Contribution

  •         Series of 4 images with hand drawn quotes overlaid, each telling the story of a victim of domestic
            violence.The photoessay was featured in the Fall 2011 issue of the Bittersweet Zine. Personal stories
            and quotes shared by Bethany House of Northern Virginia. 
  •         Chandra
             "He pulled the orange extension cord from the power socket and headed toward me. Four strikes with
             the orange extension cord. Those whips hurt more than my bike scrapes."                                           
  •        Donna
            "When she was 8 mos. pregnant with her son, Troy asked her to help him rake the lawn. When she  
            voiced that she didn't feel up to it, he hit her in the face with a rake."                                                                                                                   
  •        Helene
            "I was always worried what might be said, what little thing might be a trigger. She said so much of my  
            energy went into monitoring his moods. It was clear no matter what I did, something I couldn't foresee
            could happen, something I couldn't prevent."
  •         Ashlyn
           "The smallest things would set him off; not changing the toilet paper roll, not making dinner with way he
            liked it, or even just looking at him the wrong way. The kids would run when they heard his car in the
            driveway. And I would do a last minute run around to make sure everything was perfect. But it never was
            to him."