Birdy Mobile App and Facebook Campaign

  • Birdy:
    Birdy is a spec mobile app developed for REI that works like Shazam, but for bird songs. Using listening identification technology, it listens to the bird's song and identifies the bird.

    Target audience: 
    Recreational outdoorsy people would use this on a hike or even in their backyard.

    How to use: 
    Birdy will have a data base of birds organized by regions. After you enter your location Birdy identifies the bird it hears and gives the user a detailed description of the bird. Then, you can save the song and share it on your networks like Facebook or Twitter.

    Promotions + community building: 
    Facebook will have an REI sponsored page where a community is built. . Each week there will be a different contest. An example would be a challenge for the first 20 people to identify a certain bird in their geographic area. Such as: "First 20 people to find a "Black Phoebe" in Arizona will receive a 20% off coupon at your nearest REI store."