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Created: 03/20/11
Last Edited: 02/23/13

Project. Develop and design your own brand

The Bionic brand as it says on the front of the box is “inspired by nature, perfected by design”When researching the construction of particular pastas I was inspired by their architectural structure. They exhibit form as well as function. The macaroni noodle being meant to hold sauce within its tubular shape, and the riggate noodles angular ends designed to scoop up sauce. The brand was born from studying the noodles already intriguing structure and wondering how to make it even better. We use the term Bionic to playfully hint that the product has been created through intense research and optimization.

We have taken superior structure and made it even better by adding important nutrients, producing the product organically as well as using unique processes such as our bronze plates. Our bronze plates give the pasta added texture for sauce holding strength.

Brand Personality
intelligent, playful, healthy, optimized, and efficient.

Whole Foods type shopper, health conscious, appreciates quality product, environmentally conscious

Integrates the playful nature of pasta and the brand while also highlighting real health benefits.

The logo is made from a structured font that connects each letter of “bionic” to another like a molecule creating a fun yet scientific look. The brown is used to compliment the organic and multigrain aspects of the pasta. The pasta itself is darker in color.

The front of the box features the noodle in a clean lab type environment pixilated show we have “examined” what our pasta is really made of. Individual squares extend out larger from the image that feature health benefits such as “6g fiber” pointing to the area it came from as if the 6g of fiber actually exist in the square it came from.

One side of the triangular box hosts the nutrition facts as well as information about the brand. Above this information we frame the noodle as an architectural line drawing as if it has been studied as in depth as a
da Vinci drawing. We want our brand to be fun yet also let our customers know we really car about the product.

back of box copy:
Although a pasta’s structure is a marvel in it’s own right we at bionic believe it’s what’s on the inside that shows strength in design. We select only the finest whole wheat American grain that has been organically grown and harvested. The carefully milled grain is then combined with cool filtered water and kneaded gently to an exact consistency which is then extruded into various shapes through bronze plates.

These bronze plates are what give our pasta its unique coarse texture that allows the sauce and pasta to adhere to one another, permitting their individual flavors to marry into a delectable palate. Bionic pasta follows artisan workmanship, which calls for the pasta to be dried slowly at low temperatures to retain nutrients like fiber , omega-3 and most importantly, it’s full flavor. The resultof our labor is authentic, 100% Organic Whole Wheat American pasta made with integrity, Thank you & enjoy!
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