Created: 01/04/13
Last Edited: 06/05/13
I along with Kylie Hauer, a fellow friend and designer, had the opportunity to have a graphic design internship at DAAKE Design in Omaha, Ne. As part of our internship we had to pick a company to re-brand for our internship project. We chose to tackle the well known, Bigelow Tea.

The intent of this internship project was to help broaden our understanding of the re-branding process, as well as, package design in general. We were to create a new identity system and apply it to packaging. Shown are three of Bigelow's most popular flavors: Green Tea, Constant Comment, and Lemon Lift. A vintage pattern and color scheme were chosen to fit each flavor's personality, yet still tie in with the new brand. Secondary font selections also add a hint of personality to the already flavorful tea.

The packaging itself was designed to be an experience rather than just a container for the goods. The goal was to make the consumer want to open then packaging not just for the product, but simply for the experience of the action. The packaging consists of 3 main pieces: the petal fold box, the inside tray and the individual tea boxes housed in the tray. The petal fold box is a simple, elegant piece made from 100 lb semi-clear velum material. Inside sits the colorful tray, which can be seen slightly through the outer box. As the tab of the tray is pulled upwards, the petals blossom open on their own to reveal the tea within. This action of pulling the tray is meant to mimic the action of dunking a teabag in a hot cup of water. The tray contains 20 individual tea boxes, each housing one teabag.

This was a true 50/50 collaborative piece. Art direction credit and great thanks goes to Steven Valish, Senior Designer at DAAKE Design. Also a big thank you to Greg Daake, Owner/Art Director of DAAKE Design, for the opportunity and wonderful learning experience.

American Advertising Federation (AAF)
2013 Nebraska ADDY Awards
Student Gold Addy

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  • Bigelow Tea Collaborative Rebrand
  • The Bigelow Tea rebrand was an end of the summer internship project done at DAAKE Design in Omaha, Nebraska. I had the pleasure to work with friend and fellow designer, Kylie Hauer on this project. The goal was to create a packaging 'experience' rather than just a container to hold the tea.

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