Big Bang

Created: 10/01/12
Last Edited: 11/14/12
A poster designed using extensive process and experimental visual techniques, created foremost to visually seduce the viewer.
  • The creation of this poster was about creating seductive visuals to draw the viewer in, with the end content being dictated by the imagery.
  • I began the experimentation process for my visuals with large, handmade paper formations and their shadows.
  • The paper formations were manipulated, and extreme lighting was added for enhanced effect.
  • Eventually, the paper formations disappeared completely from my compositions and just their dramatic shadows remained.
  • The best images were colored and used to create a digital collage. And finally, content was selected for the poster based on the visual outcome of my experimentation. I chose the Big Bang and a text selection from A Brief History of Time based on the primordial nature of the finished image.

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