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    Bern manufactures quality helmets and protective gear for the action sports industry. The company is independent, and rests squarely on the shoulders of people who take pride in staying connected to their customers by participating in action sports every day. Bern helmets are unique in that they feature a removable liner, allowing owners to use one helmet year round for both skiing and skateboarding. 
    The Problems
    Bern’s online presence was tired and outdated. The look and feel was turning would be customers off. The antiquated website technology was not allowing them to highlight the company’s latest and greatest advancements due to difficulty updating the site. And because of it, sales, especially of new products, were flat. To make matters worse, Bern lacked a consistent brand narrative.
    The Solution
    Saint Pierre Creative refreshed the brand strategy and developed a powerful brand narrative that properly communicates the company’s values and beliefs. We designed a complete web experience that puts lifestyle on a pedestal—a strategy that, through research, has proven to be successful in the category. A custom CMS was built to power the new website that is intuitive, expandable, easy to use and editable right from the webpage. By giving Bern the right tools for their particular needs, we played a key role in helping Bern become the fastest growing action sports company.