Berkshire Package Design

Created: 02/03/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
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  • PACKAGINGBerkshire Marble
    ChallengeThe family-owned Mayer Berkshire Corporation had been selling their hosiery in the same marble-themed packaging for 25 years. Over time, the varied typography created an inconsistent brand identity and the need for a fresh new look was imminent. The challenge was to create a design solution that would bring them current without triggering a store buy-back, or worse yet, confuse their aging, loyal customers.
    StrategyCustomers associated the marble pattern that Berkshire identified with as a symbol of quality. Rather than change their brand iconography, MSLK sought to create a more consistent brand identity that would be classically Berkshire yet appear fresh. 
    DesignMSLK began by refining the logo and typography in order to bring the Berkshire brand first and foremost. Our straightforward and simple layout allowed the marble texture to become a package identifier rather than a heavy overall pattern. Lastly, our subtle shift from an off-white paper stock to a bright white for the packaging instantly breathed new life into the brand.
    SuccessMSLK’s design solution paved the way for an effortless transition between the old and new packaging. These redesigned packages are currently sold in major department stores and continue to display a fresh-from-the-factory quality on retail shelves.
  • PACKAGINGBerkshire Pastel
    ChallengeMayer Berkshire Corporation, the second largest hosiery manufacturer in the US, created a new line to target the young, urban professional. In order to stave off competition from fashion brands, the new packages needed to carry the equity of the Berkshire brand yet feel youthful and fresh.
    StrategyThe new products were feature-driven with slimming and shaping components. To clearly demonstrate these attractive product features, MSLK recommended the use of product photographs with a fashion-forward edge. 
    DesignWith a fashionable approach in mind, a bright palette of colors was selected to target a young audience. These pastel hues were successfully paired with the classic Berkshire logo, allowing the brand to be present in every product. 
    SuccessMSLK’s design solutions strengthened the Berkshire brand against competitors like Calvin Klein and DKNY and continue to be displayed at major department stores today. 

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