Bento design

Created: 02/19/12
Last Edited: 11/29/13
A collection of character bento from the last couple years
  • Bento is a traditional Japanese lunchbox.  In its origin, the idea was to create a healthy, well-balanced meal that could endure long periods of time and extreme weather.  Staples in bento typically include rice, seaweed, fried egg (tamago-yaki), and vegetables.
    Recently, bento has become an art form.  Japanese moms will spend hours making a cute, colorful lunch for their kids, shaping food to form characters.  These bento are called kyaraben— "character bento."
    These are my kyaraben.  What started out as a Japanese class project (the Pacman one) turned into a love for bento making.

  • Pacman— Rice, Japanese fried egg, tonkatsu, carrot, ham, lettuce, hard boiled egg, seaweed, red kamaboko (fish cake), pickles, orange, strawberries, o-nishime. 
  • Panda— Rice, seaweed, ham, hard boiled egg, tangerine, cucumber, Japanese fried egg, carrot, kamaboko.
  • Caroling penguins— Rice, seaweed, carrot, red and green kamaboko, Japanese fried egg, radish, carrot, lettuce, blueberries, homemade sweet mochi, white chocolate chip.
  • いただきあす! 

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