Bem Me Quer

Created: 01/22/13
Last Edited: 04/22/14
Brand identity for Bem Me Quer - premium lingerie reseller from Brazil.
  • Bem Me Quer
    Brand identity
    Bem Me Quer is a reseller of premium lingerie based in Monte Mor, Brazil. After a restructuring which resulted in the exchange of business leadership, Anora Campo was approached for, first of all, to be a brand consulting and help the brand Bem Me Quer to develop.

    With new leadership, change in customer profile, offering higher value-added products and the growth of competition, we realized the need to reposition the brand.

    The whole project redesign was based on three pillars: Sensuality, High Standard and Exclusive.

    Based on these three pillars we start studying and analyzing what would be changed. After some meetings and studies, we decided that the brand name would not be changed for legal reasons.

    We wanted to find the best positioning for the brand. Then we come to the concept "Atraia" (Attract), which now will be the mote of all brand campaigns. So we started the redesign of the visual identity.

    The whole project took four months from the first meeting until its end.

    We need to say thank you to some friends who participated in this project, directly or indirectly:

    Braz de Pina and Advan Shumisk: for design vision;
    Eduilson Coan and Fábio Haag: for typography consulting;
    Junior Valler: for photography help.

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